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V-Colla Viola Epoxy by Vertex Aquaristik

Vertex Aquaristik proudly announces the release of V-Colla reef-safe epoxy. After months of testing different samples and working with GlueTec Germany, we are pleased to report that our 2 part reef epoxy is probably the only or amongst the very few that have been specifically designed for Aquarium use. GlueTec GmbH has long been a leader in developing adhesives and epoxies for various industries in Europe and around the globe. They have been very enthusiastic through this journey and we would like to thank them for aiding us through this lengthy process.

As for the product itself; what makes V-Colla stand apart from others is the reduced clouding-effect of the water column. Two part epoxies have been used in the hobby for long however the main complaint affiliated with the use of such products remains to be the clouding-effect. Vertex- V-Colla utilizes a different combination of compounds that reduce such effect while making the product malleable for longer time. When used correctly, longer malleability period will also reduce the release of gaseous byproducts of the catalysts In tank which can reduce skimmer down-time.

As the designation describes, V-Colla is violet in Color to mimic the appearance of calcareous algae and other common organisms in a reef tank. Therefore it blends with the environment better and makes for a seamless creation of perfect Aquascape with live and/ or synthetic rock alike.

Further to that V- Colla is Ph neutral therefore it will not cause any negative effect on the tank inhabitants through causing Ph-swings. V-Colla Viola is available in 114g/ 40z. bars and supplied with a pair of gloves in each package.

Effective Immediately V-Colla Viola is ready to ship from the house of Vertex In Cologne, Germany.

Product Specifications:

Trade Name: • Epoxy Kit/ Purple
Chemical Family: • Epoxy resin
Monitor: • 1333-86-4 Carbon Black
Short Term Value: *7mg/m3
Long-Term Value: *35mg/m3
NLP#: * 500-033-5 Xi,N; R36/38-43
CAS: * 9D-72-2 2, 4,6-TRIS-Phoenol 2.5%
BNECS: *202-G13- 9 Xn;R22-36/38
P.l.: • Polymercaptan T. Epoxy Hardner-13-18 %
Prepared for Vertex Aquarlstlk GmbH by GlueTec GmbH, Deutschland.
Am Biotop 8a • 97259 GreuBenheim


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