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VERTEX ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon 1000ml

VERTEX ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon 1000ml
Product Code: Vertex ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon 1000ml
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Vertex ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon

Highest grade acid washed extruded carbon manufactured by NORIT
Steam activated produced to the highest quality Food-Grade required by the FDA
Unmatched absorption properties
High mechanical strength and low dust content
ROX Carbon offer superior pore size and structure, which are capable of absorbing a wide range of molecule and particle sizes.
These superior absorption qualities facilitate the capture and retention of:
Medication                        Organics              Chemicals 
Color Contaminants       Odors                   Water Column Impurities
Electrostatic attraction and chemical bonding is utilized to accumulate and trap contaminants to pore walls and/or outer pellet surfaces.
Small pellet size and high porosity provides more surface area increasing adsorption rates to that required by the medical industry.
PH neutral
For use in Saltwater, Freshwater, and Ponds


Product Specifications:

  • Iodine Number: 1000min.
  • Ball-Pan Hardness: 97min.
  • Particle Size <0.6mm, MASS-%: 0.5max.
  • Iron (ACID EXTR.), MASS-%: 0.02max.
  • Moisture (AS PACKED), MASS-%: 5max.
  • PH: Neutral
  • Food Chemicals Codex: Pass



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