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Vertex Somatic 60 Filtration System Modular Sump & Somatic 60s Skimmer.

Somatic  is a new brand of Vertex offers complete solutions for systems smaller than 400Liters.

Many protein skimmers can be twice the price but only have half the features.Many of the little features that are only found on high-end skimmers are incorporated into the 60S Space Saving Skimmer.

From laser engraved markings on the wedge pipe to polished and fully welded seams all around. The integrated silencer sits in the top of the wedge pipe keeping it protected and out of your way for maintenance around the sump area.

The silencer also has a nipple that can be connected to CO2 Scrubbers or other accessories. The custom Sicce pump was specifically designed for Somatic skimmers , to their specifications . The pump impeller and venturi design pull in copious amounts of water and air, mixing them together and pushing them up towards the dispersion bubble plate.The bubble plate considerably reduces turbulence while the wine body shape of the skimmer helps remove any further disturbance of bubbles directing them up into the neck and making a seamless transition into the collection cup producing high-quality skimmate.

The Brand focuses on size specific solutions that solve common challenges of keeping smaller Reef Aquariums.

Our goal is to remove the mystery and complexities of the hobby allowing both entry level and advanced hobbyist enjoy successful reef keeping.

We also realize not every aquarist has the same goals and aspiration, for that reason we design our products modular.

We utilize practical production methods, components and material to ensure our products do not become the cost prohibitive factor for masses to enjoy this amazing hobby.

With all that in mind Somatic Aquaristik employs; “Aquatic Peace of Mind” as its motto.

The first Somatic System released; “System 60” focuses on systems ranging from 180 to 300 liters in size with the optimal rating of 200 Liters Heavy Bio load systems.

System 60 can be purchased as a complete solution , just add a return pump of your preference .



SPECIFICATIONS Somatic 60 Skimmer:


Light stocked Tank 300 lt

medium stocked Tank 250lt

well stocked tank 200lt

Pump in body, ITALIAN Sicce , with Custom made impeller 230V/50 Hz. ~18w

Air draw ~450-600 l/hour

Chamber 150mm Diameter

Dimensions 230*230+550mm (tall)

Recommended Sump Water Depth - 15-23cm

Sump w/ Skimmer Dimensions - 42cm L x 42 W x 58.5 H

Sump Box Dimensions - 42cm L x 42 cm W x 31.75cm H

60S Protein Skimmer Dimensions - 23 x 23 x 55 cm

Main Drain Compartment Dimensions -9.5cm x 25cm

Skimmer Compartment Dimensions - 40.6cm x 29.9 cm



  • Custom Machined Baseplate - Increases Reaction Chamber Volume
  • Bubble Plate - Reduces Turbulence
  • Titanium Screws
  • Space Saving Design
  • Polished Edges All Around
  • Laser Engraved Wedge-Pipe
  • Integrated Wedge-Pipe Silencer
  • Custom Italian Sicce/Somatic Pump
  • Easy to clean Ventrui
  • Collection Cup Drain
  • O-Ring Connection for Collection Cup
  • Rubber Feet Reduce Noise


Somatic 60 Filtration System Modular  and Accessories INCLUDED

  • Somatic 60 Sump Box
  • Somatic 60s Space Saving Skimmer
  • Filter Sock Holder
  • Drain Cover
  • Return Pump Basket
  • Return Pump Basket Filter
  • Line/Tube Holder
  • Sensor/Probe Holder
  • Triple Stack Vessels or twin stack vessels AVALIABLE





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